First off, I want to say I am so sorry that you are going through a divorce. As a child of divorced parents, the split in my household was messy, and the asset division even messier.

Having an impartial professional advocating for the best interests of each party is vital for the smoothest transition in not-so-smooth times.

Let’s see this as a new chapter that kicks off with a smart move. Whether you need to sell your house, buy a new one, get financed, or pick up an investment, I help make this layer of the process swift and successful.

Factors of Consideration:
Divorce and the Home


  • one partner might be more motivated to sell than the other
  • uncovering the “why?” guards against the “what if?” coming true
  • truthful discussions about the facts, position, and intent yield targeted outcomes


  • The sensitive nature of a divorce naturally evokes emotionality
  • Spouses might be angry and wish to sabotage
  • Looking out for the signs in advance and being specific and detail-oriented about terms in advance safe guard clients from their spouses and themselves


  • The house will get multiple offers as long as it is priced right, shown often, and staged attractively.
  • Are all interested parties clear on the coordination of mortgage payments, tax payments, etc, so that nothing will get in the way come escrow (like foreclosure or short sale)?
  • Calm, honest, and transparent communications with children and extended family

Curious about working together?

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